Born in 1955, Premachandra Wanniarachchi received his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Colombo; Wanniarachchi joined the distilleries circle in 1980, where he mastered the art and craft of distillation. Since then he helped establish many distillery companies both local and foreign and guided them to success from ground level. Wanniarachchi embarked on his own journey on entrepreneurship when he founded ACME Lanka Private Limited. His visionary leadership and master distiller skills have resulted in ACME Lanka Liquor becoming one of the most popular brand of local liquor in both urban and rural territories of the island. Apart from running a successful distillery and an equally lucrative bottling plant under the umbrella of his family owned company, Wanniarachchi is also a consultant in training and distillation process, often rendering his expertise to most start up distilleries both local and foreign, over a quarter of a century. Wanniarachchi a Chemist himself, is not just known for his knowledge of distilling, but also for competently running every aspect of the production line, starting from the inception throughout production, quality control, and marketing and finally with distribution with his refined skills and hands on practice in human resource management, labor control. Finance management business development and especially training along with this adept know how on excise laws and trade regulations. He is also an expert in construction of distilleries and bottling plants. His family owned enterprise has spawned hundreds of jobs for Sri Lankannatives, providing for thousands of their family members. Wanniarachchi is a passionate mogul in the industry who constantly updates himself with the latest methodologies and developments of the distillation. A self-made success story, Wanniarachchi is an inspiration to many not just in the business community, but for the thousands of Sri Lankans who are fortunate beneficiaries of his generous philanthropy.




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